The missing piece in your payment processing!

The Axia ePay Gateway is the solution that allows real time reports that can be accessed with just one log in. It is the key to increasing your sales, while lowering costs. It is the tool that allows versatility in an evolving payment space with the capability to easily integrate all types of processing. Axia ePay even knows your need to strengthen your business’s security with tokenization, end to end encryption, and a PCI compliant gateway.

How can the Axia ePay gateway increase your sales today?

  • Easy Integration and User Friendly Interface
  • Fraud Packages to set your own parameters
  • Customer Database to easily bill returning customers
  • Recurring Billing to automate membership fees or scheduled charges
  • Reporting with Batch History and Sales Volumes
  • Able to accept all payment types including pin based debit and ACH
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Increase security with tokenization and end to end encryption

How does Axia ePay integrate all types of processing?


For merchants looking for an easy mobile solution that also allows accessible back end reporting from a computer, the Axia ePay gateway has a solution for this too! The swipers plug right into the mobile device and are perfect for your trade show or wireless needs.


The Axia Payments gateway does away with bulky POS systems, and turns your computer into a credit card machine. Axia ePay gateway is compatible with various equipment and software to keep your retail location running consistently all day with integrated swipers and real time reporting.


No need to lose money to fraudulent charges or difficult check out processes — Axia ePay gateway eliminates many of these common issues that e-commerce merchants face. The Axia ePay gateway is not just easy for the user but also, developer-friendly, with API integration right to your shopping cart!


Whether you are taking orders over the phone for new customers or running charges to the same customers consistently, the Axia ePay gateway has a simple interface to bill them with ease, right from your computer. For recurring billing, you don’t even need to be at your computer!