Business to Business

Accepting payment from your vendors doesn’t have to be a headache. At Axia Payments, we know it is important to have an easy way to accept payments for all of your hard work. Ask us about our online gateway with customer database and ACH options to track your recurring customers.

Convenience Stores

This quick service industry requires equipment that can keep up with the high volume of transactions. Axia Payments offers equipment for swift sales to enhance customer satisfaction.


In the rapidly expanding world of online payment, we have you covered! Axia Payments offers solutions for recurring billing, donations, multiple currency payment options, and easy gateway integration with shopping carts and fraud protection. Additionally, Axia Payments has years of experience in assisting merchants with their online business to help you grow, expand your market potential, and generate more revenue.


From the elementary school to the university level, Axia Payments has experience assisting educators with tuition, donations, and all other aspects of processing payments for your school, university, or campus needs.


Axia Payments can meet the processing specific needs and challenges of the public sector at the city, county, and state level. We offer PCI compliant solutions to help streamline processes, minimize risk, automate surcharging, and control your expenses.


This fast-paced and complex industry needs a payment solution that can keep up. Axia Payments is able to offer solutions for patient billing, recurring charges, check processing, and other payment needs whether they are online, over the phone, or in person. Our experience and commitment to the healthcare industry allows doctors offices and hospitals to rest in good hands. Please visit our subsidiary,, for more information on our healthcare solutions.


Accepting credit cards anywhere is now as easy as making a phone call. We provide the support that you need to process sales in your store, at a trade show, or anywhere a business opportunity strikes.


Let us simplify your charitable contribution process so that you can focus on what matters most for your non-profit. We offer recurring donation solutions on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Fundraising is easy for ecommerce merchants with a variety of donation methods through electronic payments or directly through your website. We have a wide range of experience working with churches, schools, charities, and other non-profit organizations. At Axia Payments, we’re here to serve you and your community.

Other Industries

Axia Payments will be your processor and advocate for all payment needs. We want to allow your company to relax knowing the payment processing is taken care of and your goals are a part of our decisions. We are not simply pushing products, but are committed to finding a solution that works for your business, while helping you realize new opportunities.

Property Management

Axia Payments offers convenient solutions for property management companies to accept rent payments. Our ACH solutions will save you a trip to the bank and provide faster turnaround time for deposits.

Restaurants and Food Service

With Axia Payments, merchants have a full menu of options for accepting payment in the restaurant industry. From customized iPad solutions to terminals with lifetime warranties and chip card readers, we are able to customize our service to your needs. Headquartered in the middle of a city with every type of restaurant you can think of, we have years of experience with this industry to prove our reliability and adaptability.


Axia Payments is committed to reliable service and up-to-date equipment that can keep your storefront focused on sales. Along with lifetime warranties on our terminals, we also integrate with many leading POS systems and continually strive to find solutions for your retail business. With capabilities such as gift & loyalty programs and alternate payment services, Axia Payments can assist you in boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Supermarket and Grocery Stores

Axia Payments processes credit cards, pin based debit, EBT, and loyalty/gift cards. Check out the values Axia Payments has to offer in this aisle. No coupons required to get a great deal with us. Axia Payments is compatible with a wide range of POS solutions to help product a higher rate of return.

Travel and Entertainment

A significant part of our extensive client base is made up of hotels, restaurants and entertainment industry merchants that enjoy what we have to offer. Axia Payments uniquely offers a program to allow foreign customers to pay in their currency at check out giving your business that extra edge in a highly competitive industry. We have years of experience taking payments and service to new places by catering to the demanding needs of the hospitality industries.


Recurring utility payments are made easy with Axia Payments. We offer efficient means of collection at your location, online, or by phone with the capability of adding and automated surcharge.