• Intuitive and Robust API

    Our in-depth developers library and well written API documentation result in quick, simple integration. We support Java, .Net, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and many others to provide your application with increased functionality.

  • Increased Functionality

    Our API allows your software to accept all payment types and methods such as credit, debit, HSA/FSA, ACH, Check Guarantee, EMV, P2PE, payment vault, automatic posting, NFC, and Apple Pay.

  • Dedicated Integration Specialists

    Our top tier integration specialists are here to help you with a seamless integration to your application.

Security & Support

Reduced Liability

Features such as a cloud based platform, EMV capability, ePayment forms and other functionality takes your application out of PA-DSS scope.

Tokenization & P2PE

Our use of tokenization and point to point encryption (P2PE) shields our partner's application from security audits required of a payment application by the PCI council.

Payment Vault

Our secure payment vault provides partners and clients with a secure database to maintain payment data on file. This provides secure storage of customer payment information outside of your application to process recurring payment plans and payment for future visits.


  • Enriched User Experience

    Successful partnerships yield benefits to our partners and their clients. Clients will experience increased revenue and efficiency. Partner clients will attribute these benefits to their software, resulting in a stickier solution and content, long-term clients.

  • Competitive Revenue Share

    Our partners benefit from a generous revenue share on every referred account for the lifetime of each approved account.

  • With You Every Step of the Way

    We consult regularly with our partners and their clients on new technologies, news, and ideas to enhance functionality, profitability, and workflow. Our partners are assigned a dedicated partner manager that will be responsible for the success of our go-to market strategies and marketing campaigns.