Common Questions

What are the steps in “test driving” an Axia Payments credit card and payment program?

  1. Complete the Application Information Sheet (PDF).
  2. Discuss your total credit card and payment concerns with an Axia Payments account manager to customize your requirements.
  3. Once the bank paperwork is completed, Axia Payments will have everything put together from behind the scenes in less than one week. (Meanwhile, you are on your prior program so service is not interrupted). We will then contact you by phone an arrange a time for installation.
  4. You may try it for up to 45 days to test everything to your satisfaction. If, after that time you are not satisfied, call us and we will get you back on your old program the same day.

Why use Axia Payments when my local bank offers other credit card programs?

Local banks are primarily focused and knowledgeable about loans and depository accounts. Credit card and payment processing has become too complicated and sophisticated for their expertise. They usually have a referral program with a single Third Party Provider that privately labels the program in the name of the bank. The concerns are addressed in a very “vanilla” and homogenized fashion within the narrow scope of their programs. The local bank’s concern is to not lose the banking and depository relationship to a competing bank through a merchant’s initial interest in the credit card and payment program.

At Axia Payments, we are not a bank; you can bank anywhere you want with whatever type of account you have arranged. Our loyalty is to your business; by providing a better program operation and lowering the costs associated with the credit card and payment programs. If any banking relationships change, we ensure that your effective credit card and payment programs are not upset. We believe that a satisfied customer will be a loyal customer.

Why use Axia Payments versus other merchant service providers (MSP)?

The vast majority of MSP’s have a one-size-fits-all approach, rather than seasoned professionals who customize your requirements with numerous Third Party Processors to choose from depending on your real needs. Also, most MSP’s remunerate the sales rep through initial start-up/set-up fees, and/or unnecessary hardware that has been significantly marked-up. The focus becomes misdirected from overall program requirements and long-term satisfaction.

Why does Axia Payments work so closely with such a variety of major Third Party Processors?

Each have strengths and weaknesses when compared, depending on the application requirements. Some POS systems are only certified on a few of these network programs, and some do better in supporting the systems dealer. Also, while one may lead in an area of focus for a while, programs and personnel changes can cause performance and service to improve or diminish. We only want our merchants satisfied, not compromised with inevitable changes.

Why is the speed of the authorization different from one program to another?

It depends on hardware, software, the communication Network, and the Third Party Processor. Depending on how this is properly addressed and integrated, the speed can vary from a few seconds to half a minute.

Studies have found that the quicker and more efficiently you can serve your customer at the Point of Sale (POS), the more business it attracts and the more customers spend. For restaurants with credit cards integrated within the POS system, the quicker payment response allows servers to order more efficiently. This helps produce better tab totals, encourage quicker table turning, and improve customer service.

Why are some credit card and payment programs’ statements so confusing?

Many times it is the limitations of their “lazy” systems and programs focused on their bottom-line, not yours. This can also allow the true costs charged to be hidden within your statement. By reviewing your monthly credit card and payment statements, we can sort through and help you get a better handle on your true costs. We will eliminate the “junk fees” while minimizing some of the other costs. We will also simplify the reporting format; removing hours of extra bookkeeping time and expenses that can go into reconciling complicated statements. Axia Payments will arrange transaction settlements with gross figures – easy to read, easy to track, and easy to reconcile.

What does an Axia Payments statement look like?

Click here to view a sample Axia Payments statement (PDF).

Why does Axia Payments request my prior credit card and payment processing statements?

Firstly, whenever any merchant changes processors, the prior data needs to be reviewed for proper set-up parameters to manage the account.

Secondly, the pricing models with the various providers vary so greatly that what they can seemingly give with one hand, they may take with another. We will do a true cost analysis, comparing the total fees and charges to arrive at true costs — for real total savings. Occasionally, when a merchant is truly priced aggressively by a prior program, we can shop that cost to get something even better.