Mission Statement

To provide secure payment solutions and innovative payment technologies while delivering exceptional support and value that: CUSTOMERS recommend to other businesses, PARTNERS endorse to their clients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.

Walking You Through the Complexities of Payment Processing Since 1993.


You need each in order to take credit cards. Managing all three can be a job in itself.

The Axia Payments® Merchant Services program covers the entire spectrum of your payment needs and gives you the kind of access and options any one of the above cannot. In turn, you can focus on your business while we build and manage your payment program to give you the most from every transaction.

Over Two Decades of Service

The principals of Axia Payments have been involved with the electronic funds industry while the industry was in its early beginnings. Carbon paper, card sliders, and a lot of bruised knuckles later, the industry is moving towards smart cards and bio-authentication all the while Axia Payments continues to be a leader in the industry. Axia Payments was established in 1999 to better steward the opportunities we had developed since the early eighties in the high-technology field of electronic payment processing.

In 2016, Axia Payments was acquired by i3 Verticals. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, i3 Verticals, LLC is a technology and integrated payments provider for a range of industry verticals throughout the United States.  i3 Verticals intends to make additional acquisitions and become a leader in distinct, growing verticals by helping customers improve their operating efficiencies, enhance revenues, and streamline their payment processing functions.

Our Philosophy: Help Clients Beat Yesterday

By educating, equipping and guiding our clients through the ever-changing landscape and complexities of electronic payments we earn their trust, develop relationships and improve their processing experience. We make their today better then yesterday, which in turn grows our business. To create a fun and enjoyable place to work.

Meet Our Team

Axia Payments Team Shot


As Chief Executive Officer, Joff Moine is responsible for acquiring national accounts as well as new market development and has more than 17 years of payment processing experience. He also leads efforts in maintaining the company’s stability, ensuring growth, and builds the organizational reputation in the community.